Who is Abercrombie Designs?

Sara Abercrombie

Sara holds a degree from LSU in Psychology, earned in 1993, a Masters' Degree in Counseling from LSU Health Sciences Center, earned in 1995, and went back to school to study interior design at LSU in 2012.  She has been working in the field since 2015.  Having studied psychology and counseling gives Sara a unique skill set with her design clients, in that she is skilled in listening to what her clients needs are and is able to communicate ideas  well.  Her strengths are working with architects, contractors and builders on the planning and construction side of design, and selecting the details relative to completing the design, be it color, fabrics, furnishings, art & accessories.  From start to finish,  Sara is experienced and skilled.

Some people who have not worked with a designer believe that it is a luxury and is outside of their budget.  At Abercrombie Designs, our mission is to help clients avoid making mistakes that end up costing more in the long run.  Our philosophy is that hiring an interior designer early on in the project can actually save you money.  In addition,  our attention to detail will help to set your home apart from the rest.